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...The Chairman

I’m glad you could stop by!


NCFC has been a family of churches in fellowship serving and supporting one another in the Christian community since 1979. We are not a denomination, for we are many, nor are we a doctrine, for we do have differing traditions yet, we all share and enjoy a common belief in the ‘Love of God’ and the Sacrificed Life as demonstrated by Christ.


NCFC is The Love of God in Motion.  We are about showing the goodness of God as demonstrated by our fellowship with one another.  We would like to think of ourselves as a Christian “AAA”, ...anointed and available. When you are trying to  get it done; there is help among friends in the Christian Community willing to work with you.  On behalf of myself, my Executive Assistant Reverend Lady Savage, our Senior Vice-Chairman, Bishop Jimmy Singleton, Regional and Executive Coordinators, Auxiliary Directors, Area Representatives, and delegates throughout the world, I extend my personal and heartfelt invitation and welcome for you to the fellowship in the NCFC Family

As we travel in fellowship, we glorify God together by sharing in praise services, financial guidance, legal advice, business, community, personal, and many other Christian endeavors, as we strive to bring God's community into a closer fellowship.

NCFC is real people in need of real people.  When I travel to your town, I am looking to see you; when you travel to my town, don't just look for me, call me and come to see me also as we enjoy the fellowship together!

Browse our Web site for more information about us. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a contact representative regarding our fellowship, please e-mail us at ncfcChairman@aol.com or call us at 215-222-1032.

In NCFC, the ‘Christian unity and fellowship’ always comes first.


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